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Giving Tuesday - Please Join Us

Dear Friends,

As you know, I’ve devoted my life to creating impactful images to protect the places and species I love. Through visual storytelling, I attempt to connect people to these issues and inspire action. I am a part of a global Fellowship of visual storytellers with similar missions, goals, and ethics.

I know first-hand the power of visuals. These are recent images from the western New Mexico mesa land, semi-arid yet supporting some of our most ancient American civilizations - Acoma, Laguna, Zuni, Navajo and before that, the Puebloan civilizations at Chaco Canyon just north of these spots.

©Connie Bransilver

Giving Tuesday is November 27th, I’m thankful to be a part of this group of passionate visual storytellers, and in fact, a Senior Founding Fellow. A donation to iLCP is an investment in conservation images to protect the pristine and diverse places on this Earth. Please consider donating here.

Any amount will go a long way and will be greatly appreciated. Thank you for your support.

©Connie Bransilver

Wishing you a great holiday season,

Connie Bransilver, Senior Founding Fellow