News, events, shows and schedules for Connie's photography and the Guardians of the Everglades project.

Work, Recovery & Pleasure

ILCP - International League of Conservation Photographers - WILDSpeak West in Jackson, WY, in September was the first gathering for western US based Fellows and affiliates, sharing our work and learning - oral communication skills from Steve Mandel, a full day of workshops and presentations in the Museum of Wildlife Art, a stimulating day of learning about new technologies at R Lazy S Ranch adjoining Tetons National Park, and lots of relaxed social time for both of us. Although I am rotating off the Board and away from professional wildlife and conservation photography, I am so grateful and proud to be a Founding Fellow and enthusiastic supporter of iLCP, dedicated to “Ethical Environmental and Cultural Conservation Photography.”


Steve Mandel’s Oceans 360 viewing at iLCP WILDSpeak.


Nicholas, new friend George Nicol & a drone demo at R Lazy S Ranch. Executive Director Susan Norton is in the background.


From the ranch, new snow overnight in the Tetons.

The Great Western US, New to Both of Us, and Much Needed R&R.

Great Sand Dunes National Park, CO, near Alamosa, was our first stop. Did you know something so spectacular and unusual could hide among the Sangre de Cristo Mountains and the fertile San Luis Valley?

North America’s tallest dunes. Who knew?


There are little, tiny humans hiking down in the canyon. Most of the park is only for hiking or camping. Canyonlands National Park, UT.

After a night in Moab, outdoorsy-ville, we visited Arches National Park, UT. The paved roads stop at numerous trail heads, some short and easy, some more arduous, but all reminding us humans of our insignificant place in the universe.


Nicholas and camera at an Arches trailhead.


Same man; new trail. Arches National Park.

How could we not have visited Yellowstone National Park in our lives? Everyone else has, but it is no less spectacular than everyone says. September is a great time to visit - way fewer tourists, still excellent weather, sunny and temperate. We saw all the iconic animals of Yellowstone, with a few special events such as amorous bison and elk (wapiti), and way more Pronghorns than I anticipated. Our four days were not enough.

Tourists from many countries watching Old Faithful do her thing.


Paint pots — what else? — a bubbling geyser.


More geyser abstracts.


Young lovers skirting the front of our car.


New National Geographic television film on Yellowstone National Park in production.

We also spent three fantastic days visiting my cousin’s ranch just north of Yellowstone, renewed those familial bonds, but no photos. It’s all about privacy these days.

Film News

Connie will appear in the Hollywood production of Lady of Guadalupe which is scheduled to be released in theaters mid 2020. As you know, actors sign non-disclosure agreements so that is all we can tell you now. You can check out the officially published information at:


This is my screen family, Mary (Kimberley Aria Peterson) and John (Guillermo Ivan) after we wrapped the scene.

Nicholas and Connie continue acting classes at Sol Acting Academy. Perpetual Grace, Ltd, and Chambers are both available to download now, and while we were in both, we did not have speaking roles. Same for Better Call Saul, Episodes 501 & 504, for Connie.

We hope you enjoyed this taste of our glorious west. Most of our visits were in national parks or other protected lands. We must protect them as our national heritage.

Course Correction - Filmmaking For Now

Serendipity? Why else would we change course, at least for now, and focus on filmmaking? Partly because it’s fun, partly because it’s a challenge, partly because we have not geared up for a full scale change in art direction, and partly because the movie industry is so active here it’s hard not to be involved. We have few photos because we have to sign non-disclosure agreements until the films are released, and cell phones are not allowed on set.

So here are some previews:

CHAMBERS - A woman survives a heart transplant and begins to develop different personality traits. Stars Uma Thurman and Tony Goldwyn. Netflix is headquartered in Albuquerque. It is available on-line now. - Trailer
We are both in Episode 8, an equinox party scene.

PERPETUAL GRACE, LTD, stars Ben Kingsley, Jimmi Simpson, and the New Mexico landscapes which lend a biblical feel to the series. Epix/MGM

For the New Mexico POV - point of view - read the local press:

We were residents in the town in several scenes shot over two brutally cold days in Las Vegas, NM.

Perpetual Grace - Freezing in Base Camp ©Connie Bransilver

Perpetual Grace - Freezing in Base Camp

Others are coming. Better Call Saul is in production now. Connie is a Court Clerk in Episode 501 and 504. They are aiming for release this Fall.

Better Call Saul - Court Clerk ©Connie Bransilver
Better Call Saul Court Clerk 2 ©Connie Bransilver

Better Call Saul - Court Clerk

Connie is also in two movies, one, Voices, is a short nearly ready for release. The other, an A-list full length movie, is just beginning shooting. Connie has been in one scene so far.

Scary Old Lady ©Connie Bransilver

Scary Old Lady . . . did not really have to act. Just be myself.

Three smaller productions are in post-production and will be available on-line. Connie plays “Jamie”, a transgender woman in Green Solutions, Inc., an office comedy. Hands of the Refugee, is a CNM student film where Connie plays a Bar Keep.

Green Solutions Inc Production Team
Green Solutions Production Team

Green Solutions production team

Hands of the Refugee - CNM Student Film

Hands of the Refugee - CNM Student Film

Saving the best for last, Nicholas plays a cop stopping a speeding driver. This, too, is in post-production but will be available online.

Cowboy Cop ©Connie Bransilver
Cowboy Cop 2 ©Connie Bransilver
Cowboy Cop 3 - In Production ©Connie Bransilver

Cowboy Cop - In Production

But I can’t help trying to capture beauty and joy and the perfect moment.

Light! ©Connie Bransilver


Artists Evolve - Art Sales Evolve - Galleries Evolve - Collectors Evolve - and so have we.

La Femme en Bleu 2, 36x30 inch Oil on Canvas, ©Nicholas Petrucci, has gone to live happily ever after in a warm and welcoming home in Fort Lauderdale. May she always make everyone around her happy. Femme 1 is still for sale. She is the last of the Mystery of a Woman series which also includes Original Sin, 36x30 inch Oil on Canvas, ©Nicholas Petrucci. Original Sin also resides in a Florida home.

1 - La Femme en Bleu 2 36x30 Oil on Canvas, ©NicholasPetrucci.jpg

La Femme en Bleu 2, 36”x30” Oil on Canvas ©Nicholas Petrucci

2 - La Femme en Bleu 1 36x30 Oil on Canvas ©NicholasPetrucci.jpg

La Femme en Bleu 1, 36”x30” Oil on Canvas ©Nicholas Petrucci

3 - Original Sin, 36x30 inch Oil on Canvas ©Nicholas Petrucci.jpg

Original Sin, 36”x30” Oil on Canvas ©Nicholas Petrucci

Artists Evolve - Art Sales Evolve - Galleries Evolve - Collectors Evolve - and so have we. Newly southwestern - Nicholas - or southwestern again - Connie - our art and creative expression is infused with the Land of Enchantment. We love our mountain, Sandia (watermelon) pink at sunset, and holding onto its biggest snows at the crest even into mid-March.

4 - Sandia Peak Tram with man on top.jpg

Sandia Peak Tram with Man on Top ©Connie Bransilver

5 - Trees and Snow in Infrared.jpg

Trees and Snow in Infrared ©Connie Bransilver

My precious Sandhill Cranes have flocked and flown north, as have most of the Canada geese. Finches have returned but the hummingbirds, not yet. Roadrunners are running again, and our skunks, raccoons and coyotes are getting fatter.

6 - Sandhill Crane on the wing.jpg

Sandhill Crane on the Wing ©Connie Bransilver

The acting bug bit us both. We have taken several classes at Sol Acting Academy in anticipation of even more films being made in New Mexico since Netflix HQ will now be in Albuquerque. My current class is a 6 month intensive on all phases of production. Watch this space for a short office comedy. Even better, friend me at as well as on Twitter, Linked-In and Instagram. Use my legal, acting name, Connie Barrow. Watch for both of us on Chambers, with Uma Thurman, Netflix in 2019, and on Perpetual Grace, Ltd., with Ben Kingsley, MGM/Epix in 2019. A short film is yet to be released with Connie in a fun, small part.

7 - Nicholas napping on the set.jpg

Nicholas Napping on Set ©Connie Bransilver

Sol Acting Academy is hosting several pieces of artwork. All are for sale. Thank you.


Everglades Guardian, 72”x42” Oil on Board ©Nicholas Petrucci

MOVEMENTS 30x25 InkonPaper ©NicholasPetrucci.jpg

Movements, 30”x25” Ink on Paper ©Nicholas Petrucci

PINK TUTU 40x54 Canvas ©ConnieBransilver.jpg

Pink Tutu, 40”x54” Canvas ©Connie Bransilver

PREENING EGRET 54x40 ©ConnieBransilver.jpg

Preening Egret, 54”x40” ©Connie Bransilver

PANTHER KITTEN 24x36 GlossonAluminum ©ConnieBransilver.jpg

Panther Kitten, 24”x36” Gloss on Aluminum ©Connie Bransilver

PEEKING FOX 16x20 GlossonAluminum ©ConnieBransilver.jpg

Peeking Fox, 16”x30” Gloss on Aluminum ©Connie Bransilver

Come visit us in the Land of Enchantment. No passport needed. Mi casa tu casa.


A Daily Joy - Our Year in the Land of Enchantment

A year ago we left Florida saying, in our year end newsletter:

“We began the Guardians of the Everglades® multi-media project with great hopes of reaching and educating a broad range of individuals in the benefits of Everglades conservation. . .” But forces of destruction were overwhelming. and clear-eyed, we had to move on.

Over the past year news on climate change has shifted from threatened species or habitats to one of international concern for the ecosystem of the entire planet. Yet Nero continues to fiddle.

Our year in the Land of Enchantment has proven to be the right move. New Mexicans understand that we share the planet with all creatures, threatened or thriving, and it is a daily joy. Share some of our beauty.

We wish you and yours and all creatures here below beauty and peace.

Feliz Navidad y Prospero Año Nuevo.

Nicholas and Connie


Giving Tuesday - Please Join Us

Dear Friends,

As you know, I’ve devoted my life to creating impactful images to protect the places and species I love. Through visual storytelling, I attempt to connect people to these issues and inspire action. I am a part of a global Fellowship of visual storytellers with similar missions, goals, and ethics.

I know first-hand the power of visuals. These are recent images from the western New Mexico mesa land, semi-arid yet supporting some of our most ancient American civilizations - Acoma, Laguna, Zuni, Navajo and before that, the Puebloan civilizations at Chaco Canyon just north of these spots.

©Connie Bransilver

Giving Tuesday is November 27th, I’m thankful to be a part of this group of passionate visual storytellers, and in fact, a Senior Founding Fellow. A donation to iLCP is an investment in conservation images to protect the pristine and diverse places on this Earth. Please consider donating here.

Any amount will go a long way and will be greatly appreciated. Thank you for your support.

©Connie Bransilver

Wishing you a great holiday season,

Connie Bransilver, Senior Founding Fellow




How did we switch from “Doing” to “Being?” Taking in the gorgeous fall here in New Mexico has been all about just being enchanted.

Maximilian Sunflowers at my cousin’s house. ©Connie Bransilver

Maximilian Sunflowers at my cousin’s house. ©Connie Bransilver

Our “doing” was taking two intensive acting classes and signing up for Background, Stand-in and minor acting roles. Connie has two on the acting resume, and Nicholas one. You may know that Netflix has been filming in NM for a number of years. “Chambers” is being filmed now, starring Uma Thurman. We are in Episode 8, and they are still filming so there may be more. The ten episode series will be out next year. Some of you may know that Netflix is buying Albuquerque Studios and pledging millions of dollars in production and local hiring, so . . . stand by! Photography strictly forbidden, so you will have to wait.

To be ready for anything, and just to have fun, Nicholas and I are horseback riding. I was once quite a cowgirl, so for me, it’s a tune up. For Nicholas, it is learning experience, sometimes quite bumpy. This photo was made when my sister, Roberta, and I went on a trail ride in the foothills around Cerrillos.

Two Riders in the Sandia Foothills ©Connie Bransilver

Two Riders in the Sandia Foothills ©Connie Bransilver

I have not yet latched onto a new conservation project. I believe the right project will appear when the time is right. Agua es Vida calls, but I need to define a goal. Anyone have ideas or suggestions? Nicholas is just getting back to painting and presenting his work to galleries.

Acequias in Color and Light. ©Connie Bransilver

Acequias in Color and Light. ©Connie Bransilver

The Albuquerque International Balloon Fiesta has come and gone and will return again next October. Come!

Balloons Ascending ©Connie Bransilver

Balloons Ascending ©Connie Bransilver

The New Mexico State Fair with the rodeo and races was a walk through memory lane. The rodeo was spectacular. Obviously, I loved the barrel racing and roping best, but the photos were best on the bucking stock. Emily and Mary Darnell invited me to help give the trophy to the winner of the 6-1/2 Furlong Casey Darnell Futurity, and join them and friends in the Jockey Club. Was that ever a blast, and a wonderful re-entry to the NM rodeo/horse racing world. Friends and their families. For Nicholas, it was seeing the real deal up close. These are not movie cowboys!

Not Connie Barrel Racing ©Connie Bransilver

Not Connie Barrel Racing ©Connie Bransilver

Come to The Land of Enchantment. Adobe, clean clean air, hot summer days, cool evenings, and now, a piñon fire in the fireplace at night. Magical light.

The View From Acoma Pueblo ©Connie Bransilver

The View From Acoma Pueblo ©Connie Bransilver

Ballooning Over the Rio Grande River Video ©Connie Bransilver

Ballooning Over the Rio Grande River Video ©Connie Bransilver

Buddy Cockatoo enjoying one of the last warm days in his favorite cottonwood. ©Connie Bransilver

Buddy Cockatoo enjoying one of the last warm days in his favorite cottonwood. ©Connie Bransilver