News, events, shows and schedules for Connie's photography and the Guardians of the Everglades project.

Artists Evolve - Art Sales Evolve - Galleries Evolve - Collectors Evolve - and so have we.

La Femme en Bleu 2, 36x30 inch Oil on Canvas, ©Nicholas Petrucci, has gone to live happily ever after in a warm and welcoming home in Fort Lauderdale. May she always make everyone around her happy. Femme 1 is still for sale. She is the last of the Mystery of a Woman series which also includes Original Sin, 36x30 inch Oil on Canvas, ©Nicholas Petrucci. Original Sin also resides in a Florida home.

1 - La Femme en Bleu 2 36x30 Oil on Canvas, ©NicholasPetrucci.jpg

La Femme en Bleu 2, 36”x30” Oil on Canvas ©Nicholas Petrucci

2 - La Femme en Bleu 1 36x30 Oil on Canvas ©NicholasPetrucci.jpg

La Femme en Bleu 1, 36”x30” Oil on Canvas ©Nicholas Petrucci

3 - Original Sin, 36x30 inch Oil on Canvas ©Nicholas Petrucci.jpg

Original Sin, 36”x30” Oil on Canvas ©Nicholas Petrucci

Artists Evolve - Art Sales Evolve - Galleries Evolve - Collectors Evolve - and so have we. Newly southwestern - Nicholas - or southwestern again - Connie - our art and creative expression is infused with the Land of Enchantment. We love our mountain, Sandia (watermelon) pink at sunset, and holding onto its biggest snows at the crest even into mid-March.

4 - Sandia Peak Tram with man on top.jpg

Sandia Peak Tram with Man on Top ©Connie Bransilver

5 - Trees and Snow in Infrared.jpg

Trees and Snow in Infrared ©Connie Bransilver

My precious Sandhill Cranes have flocked and flown north, as have most of the Canada geese. Finches have returned but the hummingbirds, not yet. Roadrunners are running again, and our skunks, raccoons and coyotes are getting fatter.

6 - Sandhill Crane on the wing.jpg

Sandhill Crane on the Wing ©Connie Bransilver

The acting bug bit us both. We have taken several classes at Sol Acting Academy in anticipation of even more films being made in New Mexico since Netflix HQ will now be in Albuquerque. My current class is a 6 month intensive on all phases of production. Watch this space for a short office comedy. Even better, friend me at as well as on Twitter, Linked-In and Instagram. Use my legal, acting name, Connie Barrow. Watch for both of us on Chambers, with Uma Thurman, Netflix in 2019, and on Perpetual Grace, Ltd., with Ben Kingsley, MGM/Epix in 2019. A short film is yet to be released with Connie in a fun, small part.

7 - Nicholas napping on the set.jpg

Nicholas Napping on Set ©Connie Bransilver

Sol Acting Academy is hosting several pieces of artwork. All are for sale. Thank you.


Everglades Guardian, 72”x42” Oil on Board ©Nicholas Petrucci

MOVEMENTS 30x25 InkonPaper ©NicholasPetrucci.jpg

Movements, 30”x25” Ink on Paper ©Nicholas Petrucci

PINK TUTU 40x54 Canvas ©ConnieBransilver.jpg

Pink Tutu, 40”x54” Canvas ©Connie Bransilver

PREENING EGRET 54x40 ©ConnieBransilver.jpg

Preening Egret, 54”x40” ©Connie Bransilver

PANTHER KITTEN 24x36 GlossonAluminum ©ConnieBransilver.jpg

Panther Kitten, 24”x36” Gloss on Aluminum ©Connie Bransilver

PEEKING FOX 16x20 GlossonAluminum ©ConnieBransilver.jpg

Peeking Fox, 16”x30” Gloss on Aluminum ©Connie Bransilver

Come visit us in the Land of Enchantment. No passport needed. Mi casa tu casa.